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les piaules paris

In a big city like Paris is hard to decided where to stay and where to go. There are many cheap and hotels, hostels, airbnb’s etc. A while ago I stayed at Les Piaules. A very new boutique hostel located in Belleville.

les piaules paris
- Rooms 
There are different types of rooms. Rooms for two, four, six or eight persons. We slept in a 6 person room. The room is small, but since we only were in the room for sleeping that wasn’t that big of a deal. The beds were super comfy, even better than the one I have a hope. You sort of have your own sleeping cabin(?) with a light, stekker? And a curtain to have some privacy. The breakfast was okay. There were different types of breakfast that you could choose between. The croissants were fresh and (sometimes) even warm. They made fresh orange juice, you could get fruit and yoghurt if you wanted to so there was enough choice. Find pictures of the rooms here.

The hostel itself has a great vibe. Downstairs there’s a bar where you can get drinks and food upstairs they have a rooftop bar/terrace with a great view over the city. It would be the perfect place to spend your summer evening with your travel friends when the weather’s good. We had a shared bathroom with the other rooms on our floor but it looked perfectly clean and they even played music in there.

Les Piaules, 59 Boulevard de Belleville, Paris

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