to do like a local in london
London is an amazing city and is best described as a mix between modernity and old classics. It’s a city with many tourists, so if you want to do like the locals, here is a mini guide for you. 

- Enjoy the Parks
If the weather is good, chances are, all the Londoners are going to be in a park. Hyde Park and Victoria Park are gigantic; it will feel like you are not in the city anymore. Have a picnic or take advantage of the sun if there is any.

- Stroll around the beautiful neighbourhoods
London’s architecture is definitely a beauty. Take the time to wander around the different neighbourhoods of the city, whether it is in South Kensington, Notting Hill, Soho, or the east side of the city! Try noticing the pastel colors and the styles from different eras. Have coffee in a cute coffee shop or go shopping in independent boutiques.

- Visit the markets
London is a city with so many markets! There is Portobello Market with different vintage finds and lovely flowers, Borough market for amazing food, Camden Lock for a trendy vibe, and a lot more! Some of them are only there on certain days every week, so stay inform if you don’t want to miss them. So many locals are going to the market every week, so you’ll be able to experience the true London.

- Covent Garden
For unexpected opera concerts, art expositions or Sunday shopping, there is something for everyone in Covent Garden. This place combines cultural activities and trendy shops, and locals are mixed with tourists. Be aware that it is very crowded on weekends.

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  1. Zo gaaf om in het buitenland over een marktje te lopen!


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