6 CITIES TO VISIT IN: The Netherlands

cities to visit netherlands
The Netherlands is a very small country. Living in a small country has some plus sides and some down sides. One of the plus sides is that it's easy to explore much of the country. I have visited all the 12 provinces. And I've been to most of the bigger cities. Today I share 10 of my favorite Dutch cities.  So if you're visiting the Netherlands, make sure to visit some of these places!

- Den-Bosch 
In the city centre of Den-Bosch you will find many stores, lunchrooms and old beautiful buildings. If you're there, make sure to eat a Bossche Bol. One is enough, believe me. In the street named Snellestraat there are a lot of concept stores and great lunchooms, like Nom Nom.

- Den-Haag (The Hague)
There are many good reasons to visit The Hague, the third largest city of the Netherlands. In The Hague you'll find many governmental buildings as well as building from the Royal Family. There are great museums such as the Escher Museum and the Mauritshuis Museum. If you're visiting The Hague on a sunny day, take the tram to Schevening, walk along the beach and enjoy the view.

- Maastricht 
All the way in the southern part of the Netherlands, there is Maastricht. It's a wonderful city, located next to the river 'Maas'. There is much to do and see. The christmas marked is one of the best one's in the Netherlands. While in Maastricht, try a piece of 'vlaai' and walk along the river side.

- Nijmegen
Nijmagen, one of the oldest dutch cities. It was built by the Romans many many (many many) years ago. There are still some remains of the old Roman city, definitely worth visiting. If you want to escape from the busy city life, go to Kronerburgerpark, have a picnic and enjoy the calmness. If you're more into shopping, visit the city centre and you'll be surrounded by stores. There is no shortage of lunchroom. Some of my favorite ones are located at the Lange Hezelstaat, a street where you'll find the cutest shops as well!

- Amsterdam
A city where you will be surrounded by loveliest houses you've ever seen. When you stroll though the city or along the canals, you'll see a lot crooked and small houses. It's a wonderful view and a one of the reasons why Amsterdam is a city you must visit. There are amazing museums (Rijksmuseum), parks (Vondelpark), shops and restaurants. There is so much to do. Rent a bike or go on a boat tour. Small chance that you will be bored during your stay in Amsterdam.

- Utrecht
Just like in Amsterdam, there are many wonderful canals in the city centre of Utrecht. The canals in Utrecht differ from the ones in Amsterdam. In Utrecht there's a lower level, where you'll find restaurants and cafe's. The city centre is very walkable, just like in almost every Dutch city. If you like shopping, a great atmosphere and being surrounded by old but beautiful building, Utrecht is the city you'd want to visit!

If you're visiting the Netherlands, I highly recommend visiting (some of these) 6 cities. Amsterfoorst, Leiden, Groningen and Delft are lovely cities as well. Have you ever been to any of these cities? Or are there other Dutch cities that you recommend visiting?

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  1. Wat heeft Nederlant toch eigenlijk veel leuke steden! Den Bosch en Nijmegen staan hoog op mijn lijstje, want daar ben ik nog nooit echt geweest :)


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