The Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

caribbean islands to visit
If you plan on travelling to the Caribbean’s, you’ll notice that there are a lot of islands to visit. Every island is very different from each other: from its culture, its physique, and its attractions. Here are three islands that you should add to your travel bucket list. 

- St-Thomas, Virgin Islands
The blue waters of the Virgin Islands are hypnotizing! If you visit Charlotte Amalie, make sure to stop by Magens Bay, one of the prettiest beaches of the Caribbean’s. Also stroll by the port of the city if you want to see gorgeous sailboats and luxury yachts for a mini French Riviera feel.

- Castries, Saint-Lucia
This is the typical tropical island: luscious and fertile. If you visit the capital of St-Lucia, Castries, try to rent a car so you can go around the island. You will be able to see plantations of exotic fruits, giant forests, and waterfalls. You will also see the iconic Pitons, two giant volcanic mountains. This island was colonized by the British, so expect the road to be on “the wrong side”.

-San Juan, Puerto Rico
This island reminds me of Miami. It has a lovely city center with many restaurants and typical Spanish colonial architecture. The beaches are beautiful, but expect to see a lot of waves! You can also visit a fortress, part of an historic site. This city is also very popular for cruises, so if you plan on going on a cruise, this destination is for you.

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  1. Klinkt zo goed!! Ik wil daar wel naartoe. ;)

  2. Klinkt zo goed!! Ik wil daar wel naartoe. ;)

  3. Ahw, op deze eilanden zou ik wel wat weekjes willen spenderen hoor. No problemo!


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