Another week has passed by. You know what they say, time flies when you're having fun. On the first day of week number 2, I went to Coney Island with Amy, one of my hostel roommates. The weather was amazing. I forgot to use sunscreen so when I got back to the hostel, I saw that my face was completely red. Oops. Although the rollercoasters were closed when we were there, it was a fun day. I had a hotdog, old fashioned lemonade and we played some arcade.

On Saturday Sabina and I met up to go to the Smorgasburg market. On Instagram, I saw something about an egg waffle. It looked so good so I had to try one myself. So delicious. Might going back to the market next Saturday to get another one. Around 1pm we went to see a Yankees game. The game wasn't that great but it was fun experience. Afterwards we went to the Ellen's Stardust Diner. It's a diner with singing waiters. An evening I'll never forget.

The next day, Sunday, there was a blogger get together organized by the NYC Style Collective. Liz was so kind to invite me as well. It was such a fun event. Food, drinks, fashion and meeting new people. In the afternoon I visited some shops, haven't shopped anything yet. Suitcase is almost too heavy already, oops.

On Monday I decided to explore Central Park. I walked around for a bit and ended up going to the Met. A girl from my dorm room gave me a free ticket which was so nice of her. The museum was so big. I'm more into modern/surrealistic art so most of the collection wasn't really my cup of tea but still I had a great time. When I left to museum I had some lunch and walked around a bit more. In the evening a friend from high school arrived.

The next day we went to MoMA together. Instead of taking the subway, we walked through Central Park to get there. It so peaceful and relaxing there. Perfect place to escape from the busy and loud city. I really enjoyed the MoMA. They have a wonderful collection. We had lunch at the Comfort Diner and then went to the top of the rock. One of the most amazing things I've seen so far. It's so gorgeous to see NYC from above.

I've been in New York for more than a week now, but during my time here I hadn't visited the Brooklyn Bridge yet, until last Wednesday. Jochem and I went there around the end of the afternoon, so we would be able to see the sunset. And oh wow, it was beautiful. The colors, the lights, the view, everything. An experience I'll never forget.

And on the last day of my second week I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The weather here has been so good. I even got a tan because of all the walking outside. The gardens were really pretty. I loved the blossoms. It was a relaxing day. Did some reading in the park as well.

I still have another week left here in NYC before I go to Philadelphia. During this week I want to explore Brooklyn a bit more. There are cute neighborhoods here with vintage stores etc. Most of the touristic things I've seen already. If there is something I must see/do during my last week here, let me know!
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  1. Ziet er zo leuk en gaaf uit allemaal! Wat zijn je foto's toch weer prachtig! Echt jummy die wafel!

  2. Ahh, wat ziet het er superleuk en fijn uit zeg! Nu wil ik ook weer naar Amerika! :) Veel plezier nog!

    xx Alex

  3. Wat een gave foto's, het ziet er echt verrukkelijk uit! Je lay-out vind ik ook ect heel tof.


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