When I woke up, I wasn't sure where I wanted to go. I asked on Instagram if anyone had a suggestion. A few people commented and I ended up going to the Queens Museum. There was an exhibition about the Ramones, very fun and interesting. The museum wasn't so big but I saw some very cool things there. In front of the museum there is a huge globe. I actually didn't look up why it's there, but it looked amazing. 

Saturday was time from brunch. I met up with Thao. Our plan was to go to Buvette, but since everyone goes out from brunch here in NYC, it was super crowded and there was a long line. In the end we went to another place called Minerva. The food was delicious and we had a wonderful chat. After brunch we walked around for a bit. We passed Carrie's house, not on purpose. It was fun to see.

Selma, Andrea and I met up to go bowling, but when we arrived there it turned out that all the lanes were reserved until the 5pm because of a bowling match. So we had to do something else. Gladly the weather was amazing so we walked around west village, ate something at Jack’s Wife Frida and walked around more. We ended up at Georgetown cupcakes. I got a carrot one, it was delicious. Glad I was able to meet these two lovely girls!

The next morning, Sophia, a girl from the hostel, and I went to West Village and Soho to do some shopping. I really love walking around west village. There’s a European vibe there and it’s more peaceful than most of other areas in NYC. We also went to china town, little italy and the high line. After walking on the highline we met up with Joy to have dinner, pizza, and went to the brooklyn bridge. It was my second time being there during sunset, but it’s a beautiful view I’ll never forget. 

There was supposed to be rain the whole day on Tuesday, so we decided to go somewhere indoors. The Nation Museum of Natural History. What I liked most in the museum were the things about the stars and the universe. It was cool seeing dino fossils as well but after a while it got a bit boring. For lunch we had a chocolate chip cookie from Levain Bakery. They are the best, for sure. During the end of the day we stayed at the hostel, worked on my blog for a bit and around 7:30 we got a wrap.

My schedule for Wednesday was kinda busy. The first thing I did was eating american pancakes with a few people from the hostel. It was so delicious but so much as well, none of us ate it all. After the pancakes I went to soho because of an appointment for my fashion blog. It was a short meeting but it was fun. Then I went to meet up with a photographer to shoot outfit pictures and in the evening I had dinner with Liz and her husband. I’m really happy that I got to meet Liz.

Thursday was my last day in New York. I’d seen most of New York now, at least the things I wanted to do so this was a sort of relaxing day for me. In the morning I went to the east state river park with Sophia. We walked on the Williamsburg bridge to get to Manhattan. Our plan was to eat a cronut, but they were sold out already. I went back to the hostel around 4pm and in the evening there was a free pizza nigh, yay. I will try to eat more healthy once I leave NYC. (Or when I'm back home again.)

Today I'm leaving New York City. It's time to go to my next stop, Philadelphia. New York City has been great but I'm also very excited to explore new cities. I'll let you know more about Philadelphia in next week's update!

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  1. Die pancakes zien er te geweldig uit! Tof dat je ook met andere meet. X


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