New York City, so big, so crowded but so fun. It was my first time there and had the best time. Saw many of the touristic places but also many not so touristic places. In today's list, you can read 10 of the places I feel like you must visit while you're in New York City.

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  - Central Park
Central Park is the perfect place to go to if you want to relax for a bit. Walk around, enjoy the view or rent a bike and explore the park. It's really big so if you want, you can spend your whole day there.

- 9/11 memorial
The 9/11 memorial is very impressive and emotional, but something you must visit in NYC for sure. There is a museum that you can visit as well.

- Statue of Liberty
Warning, the statue of liberty might be smaller than you would expect. That's because of all the big skyscrapers in New York. Take a ferry to the statue of liberty & go to ellis island as well.

- Ellen's Stardust Diner
Want to have a broadway dinner experience? Go to Ellen's Stardust Diner. An American Diner with waiters that sing. You'll have a great time!

- Brooklyn Bridge
If you want to see a beautiful sunset, go to Brooklyn Bridge in the evening. It's a wonderful bridge and fun to walk on. Watch out for all the bike riders though, the bridge is quite narrow but definitely worth visiting.

- China Town & Little Italy
Almost every big city has a China Town. The one in NYC is located near Little Italy, so if you want, you can visit them both. It will feel like you're in a whole different country.

- Top of the rock
Not afraid of heights? Visit the top of the rockefeller building. An elevator will take you up. Once you're there you have an amazing view over the city. You can see the empire state, central park and so much more.

- Coney Island
Want to escape the city life for a bit? Go to Coney Island. A great beach with stores, arcade games and rollercoasters. Make sure to try out some old fashioned lemonade while you're there.

- Williamsburg
Williamsburg is a neighborhood in Brooklyn. Here you'll find amazing street art, cute lunchrooms and the loveliest boutiques. On Saturday there's a food market in the East River State Park. Great atmosphere and a beautiful location as well.

- Times Square
Probably everyone has heard of Times Square. While you're in New York, make sure to visit it. It's really crowded most of the times but a must visit. If you go when it's dark, the lights will even be more beautiful.

Of course there are much more cool places to go, such as MoMa, The Met, West Village and more. These are just a few places that I really liked. More posts about NYC soon. Have you ever been to New York City? What would you say is a must visit?


  1. ooh dit zijn dingen die allemaal al jaren op mijn lijstje staan, sinds ik voor het eerst sex and the city zag toen ik 14 was wil ik al zo graag naar new york,ooit ga ik deze prachtige stad zien (hoop ik)
    xx Ish

  2. Hier zou ik zo graag eens heen gaan!

  3. that so cool i will want to move to new york city but when 18 ♥♥♥♥♥♥


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