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Last summer I went Interrailing for ten days. Interrailing is going around Europa by train and basically having the time of your life. Here are ten tips for anyone that is considering to go on this amazing adventure themselves.

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1. Make phone calls
Make calls instead of e-mail. With e-mailing it can take days before your get an answer to your question. So whether you want to contact Interrail, NS or a hostel to ask or book something; just call them. It might me scary to call to Hungary and talk in English but you will most definitely be better at English than them (unless you are calling to England of course). I did all the calling and I had a lot of fun listening to all the weird accents.

2. Trains reservations
Make reservations for the trains. We made some of the train seating-reservations beforehand and some while on the trip. It will cost you more money but believe me when I say it's worth it. You would much rather spend a little extra than spend six hours in a train, sitting on the ground in the corridor.

3. Longest trip for last
 Go to the place furthest from home the last. You'd rather have your longest travel day be the last than the first because it is exhausting.

4. Avoid the night train
I know a night train might seem all dreamy and adventuress but in reality it is horror. You will end up in a very small space with two strange Polish men and dirty sheets, there will be babies crying in the carriage next to you and you will lay on the smallest bed you have ever seen. It. Is. Not. Fun.

5. Take a diary with you
During your long train travels you will have enough time to write down everything that happened on the trip. It is fun to do and even more fun to read in later life. It also is great way to spend your time on long travel days.

6. Write down your expenses
Keep up with everything you spend money on. I had a complete list in my diary and it really helped with seeing your spending pattern (You spend a lot more than you might think). And remember; even if you are in a cheaper country, all the little things add up!

7. No shoes in your backpack
Bind your shoes on the outside of your backpack. This saves up a lot of space and makes it easy to switch from flip-flops into sneakers when your feet get sore.

8. Ask for recommendations
When you’re staying at a hostel, always ask the hosts for good places to eat or go out. They are more familiar in the city than you will ever be with your little tourist guide from 2007. We discovered some cool places this way!

9. Bring your student pas
Take your school pas with you, if you have one. You will get a discount at a lot of touristic attractions. It weighs nothing and will save you a lot of money.

10. Make an after movie
(You can see ours here) Of course you should not be filming everything because you have to live in the moment. But it is a great way to keep your memories.

For an ultimate guide to Interrail (including apps to download, tips for planning a route and what to pack), you can visit my blog! Would you ever wanna go on an interrail trip?

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  1. Toffe tips! Lijkt me ook nog echt geweldig om eens te doen.

  2. Ooooh liefde voor Interrailen<3 Ik heb het nu twee zomers gedaan en het is zó leuk! Goede tips ook trouwens. Die over de nachttrein is wel echt waar haha!


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