Oslo, the capital of Norway. A great city to visit for a weekend. But there's enough to do and see, so if you're planning on staying there for a longer time, I'm sure you won't get bored. Norway itself is an expensive country. Gladly there are many things to do and see for free. 

- Walk on top of the Opera House
The Opera House in Oslo is located near the water. Not only can you go inside the building to see performances, you can also walk on top of it, for free. It's quite steep, but it's a really cool thing to do. Once you're on top of the building, the view is amazing.

- Visit the Vigeland Sculpture Park
A bit more outside of the city you'll find the Vigeland Sculpture Park. It's a big park, filled with many sculptures. You can also find the Oslo City Museum there. A cool place to visit on a sunny day. It's the world largest sculpture park, created by a single artist. Quite impressive.

- Watch the changing of the guards at the Royal Palace
When you walk on the Karl Johan Gate, you can see the Royal Palace. If you're looking for something free to do and see, walk towards the palace around 1:30pm to see the changing of the guard. 

- Go to Akershus Fortress
The Akershus Fortress was built to protect Oslo. Nowadays they use the building for events, dinners and more. If you're visiting Oslo, make sure to visit this place. You can walk around there, enjoy the view and visit one of the museum that's nearby.

Free guided tour inside of the Parliament Building
On Saturdays, there are free guided tours inside of the Parliamant Building in Oslo. It's interesting, free and it's guided so you'll get a lot of info. The building itself if beautiful from the outside, but why not go inside? They don't do the tours on every Saturday, so make sure to this website to see if they're doing a tour while you're there.

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  1. Oslo lijkt me een hele fijne stad! Ik zou graag eens naar Scandinavië willen en deze stad bezoeken.


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