WHERE I'VE WANDERED WEEK 4 | Philadelphia & Kennedy Space Center (Florida)

On Friday, it was time to leave New York City. I took the megabus to Philadelphia. Gladly the whole trip went well. It was quite hot inside the bus, but overall no other problems. I arrived in Philadelphia with 45 minutes delay. Sarah, my penpal, waited for me at the train station and then we went to her apartment. I was quite tired, new york city is so exhausting. 

The next day we went into the city. Reading Terminal was the first place we visited. It's an indoor food market. They had everything there. We sat down at a diner and ate some lunch. I got a chicken wrap, which was delicious. After eating lunch we walked around the old city. There were beautiful building there. What I like about Philadelphia is that it's big, but not too big. 

Although the weather was kind of awful, we still decided to go out. We went to Manayunk to visit some stores and have some lunch. They had the cutest stores over there! While walking down the street, I saw a nice crepe place. We decided to go there for lunch, best decision ever. I wanted to eat something healthy, but when there's something on the menu with caramel, I go for it. We both ordered crepes with apples, caramel and ice cream. So good. We also visited the Philadelphia museum of art for a bit. There was an international pop art exhibition.

On Monday I went to the Eastern State Penitentiary, one of the things that was on my Philadelphia 'must see/do' list. There was a guided tour that started at 2pm. It was really interesting and a great way to learn a bit more about the prison. After the tour I walked around the building by myself for a bit. What an amazing place. 

Tuesday was my last full day in Philly. Sarah and I went for lunch at Green Eggs Cafe. I had the best lunch ever. Creme Brûlée French toast with berries, whipped cream and more. This cafe might be the perfect reason to go back to Philadelphia someday. Really want to try their whole menu. After lunch we walked around, saw the Liberty Bell from upclose and at the end of the afternoon we went back to Sarah's apartment, watched a movie and had much fun her roommates. Talking about cultures, teaching a bit of Dutch. 

In the morning it was time to go to the airport. Ready to fly to Orlando. The flight was a bit delayed. When I arrived in Orlando, it was raining and raining. My family picked me up from the airport and we ate dinner somewhere. It was so great meeting them, they're all so kind.

It was so sunny the next day! We went to the Kennedy Space Center. A very cool and interesting place, all about space, rockets, nasa etc. There was a space launch simulator, movies, food, games, a tour and so much more. I even touched a piece of moon rock. (Still not sure if I believe the moon landing actually happened but this place kinda convinced me it did). After we left the Space Center, we visited Cocao Beach for a bit.

The weather here is supposed to be good the coming days so that's great. Florida (staying near Orland) is my final stop before I head to the west coast! Really looking forward to the next few days. Today I'm going on a day trip to Miami, so cool!

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