WHERE I'VE WANDERED WEEK #6 | LA, Venice Beach, Hawaii

On Friday, I went on another tour organized by the hostel. This time it was a Beverly Hills walking tour. We started the tour at Rodeo Drive. Expensive cars, expensive shops. Afterwards we walked towards the residential area to see some super big houses. When the tour was done, I went to LACMA. They had beautiful art there. I ended the day at a diner with some people I met at the hostel.

The next day was the day to change hostels. Since my next hostel was a bit far from downtown LA, I decided to check out, leave my luggage at the hostel and go to down town. Together with Mathias, I went to the Broad. A free museum with some pretty cool art. Afterwards we had an acai bowl and went to the last book store. Coolest bookstore I've ever seen.

Hello Venice Beach. Decided to spend my last days in LA here. I met a very nice girl from Denmark. We decided to rent a bike and go to Santa Monica. We first went to the pier and played some arcade games. In Santa Monica, we walked around a little and had lunch. It was so great to ride a bike again. At the end of the day we watched the sunset and checked out the skaters.

During my last day in Venice, I met up with Casey. At Beach 26, we had a great chat and lunch. We decided to walk to the beach, visit the canals and walked on the Venice beach boardwalk. It was such a lovely day. We took many pictures, talked and lot and just had fun.

Time to go to Hawaii. I went to LAX in the morning and arrived at Honolulu around 2. What a beautiful place. After checking out my new hostel, I decided to walk around the neighborhood and ended up getting an acai bowl. Think I'm obsessed. I ate it at the beach. So beautiful here. Palm trees, happy people, sun. 

Today was all about hiking. Together with 3 girl I met at the hostel, I went to Diamond Head. It was such a great hike. The view from the top was breathtaking. The second hike we did was to Manoa Falls. We went from the dessert to the jungle. The falls were incredible. Glad we went there. We ended our day at the beach and got vietnamese food. Such an active day.

I woke up so early today, not even because of an alarm. Instead of staying in bed, I decided to get out and ended up being at the beach before 7 am. There were so many people on the street already. Guess the days here in Hawaii start earlier. Later that day I went to Lanikai beach with two girl from the hostel. I felt like I was in paradise. The clearest water I had ever seen, white sand and palm trees. After eating an acai bowl, yes again, we went back to Waikiki to see a hula dance.

So far Hawaii has been really great. Hiking, swimming, eating and happy people. Guess this might be the prettiest place I've ever been to. Only got a two more days to explore this island before I fly home again.

Talk to you next Friday!

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