WHERE I'VE WANDERED WEEK #7 | Hawaii & San Francisco

We decided to stay out of the sun as much as possible on Friday. Kind of hard when you're staying at Hawaii but it went quite well. During the day, we went to a shopping mall. Such a big one. You can easily be there for a whole day if you want to. In the evening there was a firework show at the beach so that's where we went. It was beautiful.

Going to the other side of the island, the North Shore was something that was on my list. It was a long bus ride, but an amazing one. We drove past the coast line and saw really pretty beaches. When Nichelle and I arrived at the Haleiwa, we first got some acai bowls and went to a beach afterwards. We swam with sea turtles, big ones. So cool. Something I'll never forget.

Sunday was my last whole day at Hawaii. It was by far the hottest day. In the morning I said bye to Nichelle and went to the beach. A few hours later, Neasa, Hannah and I went for brunch at The Cheesecake Factory. I went there too many times, but it's just so good. Furthermore we just walked around and ended the day with, yes, an acai bowl. Then it was time to say bye.

In the morning I packed my suitcase. Time to fly to San Francisco. The flight was a bit long, about 6 hours. I don't really mind flying but sometimes I just get a bit bored. Sleeping has never worked for me so most of the times I try to watch a movie or listen to the 1975 non stop and write in my travel diary. In the evening I arrived at the hostel and just went to bed straight away.

I started my first day in San Francisco with a delicious lunch at Mel's Drive In. I went there with Beth, a girl I met in LA so it was great to see her again here in SF and share our travel experiences. Later in the day I went to Coit Tower with a roommate and the Fisherman's Wharf as well. Very touristic but cute as well.

On Wednesday I went to the museum of modern art. It was such a big museum. I was there together with a girl I knew because of couch surfing and two of her roommates. We were there for quite some hours, but it was amazing. Much art. We had lunch at, again, Mel's Drive In. My fav diner so far. Went there in Hollywood as well and their milkshakes are just so good. In the evening I had some drinks at the hostel and made exiting plans. Going on a road trip to Yosemite on Friday.

In the morning we booked our hostel for Yosemite and the car as well. Going tomorrow, definitely looking forward to it. Around 12 I went to the Golden Gate Bridge. The uber driver accidentally dropped my off on the other side of the bridge, oops. Didn't really mind, the view and walk on the bridge were breathtaking. In the afternoon I went to Alcatraz. And wow, it was cool. The audio tour was interesting and the building and island itself were very cool as well. Glad I got to go there.

Can't believe this is my last week. On Monday I'll be flying home again. I'm definitely going to enjoy the last few days as much as possible. Talk to you next Friday for the last update.


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