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Sweden is a country that has a lot to offer. There are magnificent landscapes, trendy shops, amazing food, and a very rich culture. If you want to explore this Scandinavian country and experience the true Swedish lifestyle, here is what you have to do.

- Midsummer
This tradition usually happens in mid-June to celebrate the arrival of summer. Usually, Swedes travel to the countryside to be with their family, to eat, and to dance. There are other rituals associated with this tradition, and one of them involves making a flower crown. This is a beautiful holiday, and you should preferably experience it with locals as it would be much more fun. If you plan on visiting Sweden during another time of the year, make sure to look if there are any celebrations while you are there.

- What to eat?
One of my favorite Swedish meals is Crayfish cooked with dill. It is associated with another tradition, Kräftskiva, in August. Sweden also has amazing pastries; try warm cinnamon buns or Lussekaters, which are saffron buns. You should also try the typical Swedish candies, and the delicious meatballs. 

- What cities to visit?
When you visit Sweden, don’t just visit the capital. Of course Stockholm is an amazing city, and you should definitely visit it, but there is so much more! Gothenburg on the west coast is lovely, and has a huge seaport. The city center has a lovely architecture, and it has one of the most visited amusement parks in Scandinavia, Liseberg. Also, try to plan a visit to the countryside: the lakes, forests, and red cottages are worth visiting.

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