reasons to travel solo as a female

 Did you know many women are a bit afraid of the idea of traveling solo and therefore decide not to go? Maybe, just maybe, you’re one of them. That’s a pity, because traveling solo is one of the most exciting and liberating things there is. So here are 8 reasons to actually go on that solo trip and live that dream!

- You can finally go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go
When you travel with friends, you (usually) choose a destination together. It’s probably a fact that you have a destination on your bucket list that no one in your circle of friends wants to travel to but you. When traveling solo, you can finally cross that particular destination off the list!

- You can pamper yourself
A solo travel is all about… YOU! When traveling with friends, you have to stick to a particular budget and you always have to take each other into account. When traveling solo, you can do whatever you like. You’re in charge of choosing a destination, you plan all the activities yourself and above all, you can do everything at your own pace. How liberating!

- You’ll get to know yourself
This is probably the #1 motivation for women to decide to actually go on a solo travel: getting to know yourself. While traveling solo, the only one you can count on is yourself (mostly). So without a doubt, you will learn something about oneself. In a positive way of course, because it’ll grow your confidence and make you stronger!

- You’ll get to know new people and make new friends
Traveling solo is a great way to meet new people. When you’re traveling with a group of friends, you tend to stick to that group. But when traveling solo, you’ll have more contact with other solo travelers. Especially when staying in a hostel, where lots of solo travelers are staying as well!

- You’ll broaden your horizons
When traveling solo, there’s a chance you’re going to travel to a country with another culture. You’ll learn about another language, other traditions, other cuisines, you name it. Everything in that country will be different from what you know. Also, there’ll be ups and downs during your solo travel. At first you’ll maybe have a hard time accepting the downs, but over time you become more suited with dealing with and understanding those downs. Which is a good thing, so go you!

- You gain confidence AND independence
Traveling solo will learn how to rely on just yourself. You’ll learn how to deal with some situations, you’ll learn how to make decisions for yourself and you’ll learn how to conquer challenges all by yourself. In the end, it’ll make you more confident and independent!

- You’ll learn what’s important in life
While traveling solo, you not just learn how to appreciate small things in life like clean running water or a roof over your head. You’ll also learn what’s important in your life, whether that’s spending more time with family and friends, traveling solo all your life or having a nine to five job. 

- You’ll feel liberated
A solo travel will let you experience a feeling of freedom. Like mentioned above, you don’t have anything or anyone to take into account. You’ll never feel more liberated than during a solo travel!

Have you ever traveled solo? Why do you think more women should travel solo?

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  1. Wat een fijne blogpost! Het lijkt me heerlijk om een keer een soloreis te maken, alleen lijkt het me ook toch wel weer een beetje eng. Dit zijn overigens wel héle goede redenen om ooit die stap te nemen..

  2. Wacht niet te lang op ooit want voor je het weet is ooit voorbij.

    Wacht niet op later want voor je het weet is later geweest of te laat.

  3. I totally agreee! I traveled solo only once, and it was an amazing experience. I did some things that i probably would never do if i was with my friends! love this post! <3 Take a look at my latest post on

  4. Such a great post, love it! xo
    Karolina Žalaitė

  5. Ik ben het zó met deze post eens! Vorig jaar heb ik 5 maanden in Parijs gewoond, omdat ik daar stage heb gelopen. Er waren wel wat andere mensen van mijn school, maar al met al sta je er toch echt alleen voor. Resultaat: ik heb een nieuwe Nederlandse vriendin, meerdere vrienden in Parijs, mijn vriendinnen in NL vinden me een stuk leuker nu ('positief veranderd' haha) en nog veel meer! Ik denk dat ook een vakantie in je eentje je idd goed zou doen, al is het alleen om tot rust te komen! :) X


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