food must try in new york city
New York City is a very big city, with a lot of nice restaurants, lunchrooms, bakeries etc. I was there for almost 3 weeks so got to try out a lot of them. In today’s post I’ll share some of my favorite things I ate while in NYC and also a few I which I could have tried. Spoiler: Almost everything in this list is sweet.

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food must try in new york city t swirl

- A T-Swirl Crepe
T-Swirl Crepe has multiple locations. They sell crepers, savory ones and sweet ones. Of crouse, I went for a sweet one but the savory ones sounded really good as well. - Ice cream rolls at 10below. Next to T-Swirl Crepe, you’ll find a place called 10below. They make delicious ice cream rolls there. You can choose your own flavor and add as many toppings as you want. Tip: Go there just before sunset so you can eat your ice while walking on brooklyn bridge during sunset.

- Dinner at Ellen’s Stardust Dine
If you want to have a unique dinner experience, make sure to go to Ellen’s Stardust Diner. The waiters sing while you’re eating your food. The interior looks very nice as well.

food must try in new york city chelsea market

- Pizza at Filage, in Chelsea Market
In Chelsea Market, you’ll find a lot of different restaurants/shops. I tried a piece of pizza at Filage. It was a delicious one. Not as greasy as most pizza’s and it had a thin crust.

- A chocolate chip cookie from Levain Bakery.
On multiple sites, I read that Levain Bakery was the best place to get chocolate chip cookies. So I tried them, twice. They were very fulfilling, delicious and still warm and gooey. Best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had.

- A colored bagel from The Bagel Store
This is actually one of the few things I didn’t get to try. I did get a bagel at a different place, but a The Bagel Store they sell rainbow colored bagels. They look really nice I think they will be delicious as well.

food must try in new york city pancakes

- American Pancakes
I think it doesn't really matter where you order american pancakes, they must be really good at almost every lunch place. I tried American Pancakes at Champs Diner in Brooklyn. They were so good, and so heavy.

- A Whole Wheat Donut from Peter Pan Pastries
This place is located in Williamsburg. They sell a lot of different things. I ordered a whole wheat donut. Great texture and taste.

food must try in new york city

- Banana Pudding from Magnolia Bakery
Magnolia Bakery sells a lot of different things. Someone told me to try the banana pudding so I did. It was delicious. Not too sweet and a great texture.

- Brunch at Minerva in Westvillage
Because of a change in plans, I ended up at Minerva, a wonderful lunchroom in West Village. They have a good menu with a lot of variety. I ordered a Croque Monsieur. Very tasty!

- Lemonade (and food) at Jack’s Wife Frida
When I went to Jack’s Wife Frida to have brunch, I ordered a belgium waffle with fruits on top of it, which was amazing. But the Lemonade I got with it was so good and refreshing as well.


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Of course there is way more food to try in NYC. Healthy things as well. These were just a few of my favorites and yes, I happen to have sweet tooth. Can't wait to go back to NYC someday and visit even more cute restaurants, bakeries etc. Have you ever been to New York City? Any food recommendations?

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