WHERE I'VE WANDERED WEEK #8 | Yosemite & SF + Back Home

On Saturday we drove towards Yosemite. The drive was fun and very beautiful as well. Surrounded by the most amazing landscapes. We arrived around 5/6, checked in at the hostel and decided to go the park to check it out. It was breathtaking. Don't think I had ever seen anything like it before, in real life. In the evening we made dinner (first time for me during this whole trip) and stayed outside for a little while.

The next day we decided to wake up early and drive towards the park. We did the four mile trail hike, which took forever. We thought it would only take us around 3,5/4 hours but it was way longer. Only one way, to the top, was bout 3,4 hours. And we also had to go back. The view from the top was incredible. Definitely worth the hike.

Before we went back to the hostel, we stopped somewhere along the road to see the sunset. It looked as if the sky was on fire. Watching the sunset is one of my favorite things to do. Doesn't really matter where, but I must say that this was a very special one. Gorgeous colors, gorgeous view. On Monday it was time for me to go back home. I went to the airport early, just to be sure. When I go there, I found out that my flight was delayed with 27 hours. How great. The airline arranged a hostel, transport and food. At the airport, I started talking with 2 girls and ended up spending most of the time waiting with them which made it all a bit more fun. On Wednesday, I finally arrived home. My parents picked me up from the airport. 

It feels weird. Being back home, sleeping in my own bed. Guess it takes some days to get used to it again. I'm very glad I did this trip. Learned a lot, met people from all over the world and had the best time. Can't wait to go on my next trip.

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