ONE DAY IN: Barcelona

one day in barcelona

When you visit a big city like Barcelona, just for one day, it’s impossible to see everything. Even just visiting the highlights would be hard. But sometimes you don’t have another option and you have to make the most of it. During my holiday in Spain, I went to Barcelona for one day. So I’ll share with you a (sort of) scheme of that day.

We arrived in Barcelona around 10 in the morning. From Barcelona Sants Station we took the metro to visit one of Gaudí’s houses, Casa Battló.

- Casa Battló.
As you might know, the famous architect Gaudí has many famous masterpieces spread out in Barcelona. Casa Battló being one of them. Make sure you buy tickets online so you don’t have to wait in line to buy tickets but just in the line to go inside. It’s a beautiful building from the outside, but it’s definitely worth it to go inside as well.

Around 12:30 we left Casa Battló and walked towards the nearest metro station. From there, we went to the station Licue, located at La Rambla. We walked a little on that street at then decided to get something to eat and drink.


- La Boqueria 
One of the places I wanted to visit was this food market. If it’s on your ‘to-visit in Barcelona’ list as well, why not go here to get some drinks/food, instead of just looking at the food. There are a lot of different stands. Meat, fruits, crepes etc.

After lunch, it’s time to go to the next highlight in Barcelona. Of course, you can walk if you want but if you want to save some time, take the metro. Our next stop was: The Sagrada Familia.

- The Sagrada Familia
This amazing church is another building designed by Gaudí. The church isn't finished yet, but nevertheless a must visit when you’re in Barca. The outside is amazingly built, and so is the inside. I didn’t go inside myself, but from the pictures I’ve seen it’s very pretty. If I’m ever going to Barcelona again, I want to go inside the building for sure.

We didn’t stay at the Sagrada Family for that long, simply because we didn’t go inside and if you’re not going inside, there’s no need to be there for a long time. Walk around the church, take some pics if you want and go to your next stop, especially if you’re in the city for just a day. We continued towards Park Güell.

- Park Güell
This park, one of the great works of Antoni Gaudí, is located on Carmen Hill. You can enter Park Güell for free but there are a few parts of the park that you can visit as well, but do require a payment. In the park you’ll find a lot of palmtrees and work by Gaudí. The perfect place to walk around and to enjoy the view.

It was a very sunny day when we visited Barcelona, so we all felt like getting something to drink after strolling through the park. We took the subway to Jaume I, and visited a café in the Gothic Quarter.

- Gothic Quarter
This neighborhood is probably my favorite one of the ones we’ve visited. In a day, you can’t see the whole city of course but this area was very beautiful. It's the center of the old part of Barcelona. Small streets with cute stores, gorgeous architecture and not so many cars.

We walked around this neighborhood for a little while and then ended up at a beautiful square called Plaça Reial. Yellow pretty buildings, palm trees and a fountain. A lot of restaurants here, so we decided this was where we were going to have dinner.


- Dinner at Rossini
This Italian restaurant was one of the many restaurants located at Plaça Reial. If you like Italian food, this is the place to be. They have a lot of different dishes on their menu. I ended up ordering a very delicious and very big pizza. The waiters where nice and the atmosphere was good as well.

I can imagine there are a lot of fun things to do in Barcelona after eating dinner. Sadly we had to go back to the train station because we still had a long journey ahead since we didn’t stay in Barcelona for the night.

Of course there’s a lot more to see and do in Barcelona. This is what we did during our day there. If we had more time, we would have visited more for sure. I have to go back to Barcelona someday, because I want to see what else the city has to offer.

Have you ever been to Barcelona? What places do you recommend visiting when you just have one day in the city?


  1. Barcelona is geweldig, dat park van Gaudi is echt prachtig. Mijn hoogtepunt was een lichtshow bij een fontein 's avonds (ik weet even niet meer hoe het heette daar maar je kan het vast googlen)

  2. beautiful blog:))) lovely pictures. Barcelona is one of my favorite destinations!!!! love Parc Guell, La Bouqueria Merca.....


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