tips traveling on a budget
You have a desire to see as much of the world as possible, but you don’t have all the money for it? I feel you. Spending money on trips is one of the best ways to spend money, I think. But of course you also don’t want to spend all you the money you have. Or you might not have that much of a budget when you’re traveling. Here are some tips for traveling on a budget.

- Stay in hostels.
A good way to save some money while traveling is by staying in hostels. You might not have that much privacy, but it’s also a fun way to meet other travelers. Normally hostels have different room types. Sometimes for 3, sometimes for even 20. Book whatever you feel comfortable with. Oh and at hostels, they have a kitchen (most of the times). So you can cook your own meal, which can save you some money as well.

- Look for free activities
The activities you do while traveling don’t have to cost a lot of money. The internet (yes you Google) can help you a lot when you’re looking for free activities. Sometimes museums have free hours, there are cities that offer free guided tours inside buildings or through the city. There will be plenty to do, without spending money on it. I wrote an article about free things to do in Oslo. More articles like this soon.

- Cheap transport to your destination
Most of the times, you’ll spend most of your money on the accommodation, flight or however you get to your destination. If you’re going by plane, they say you should book tickets 7 weeks before you go. That’s supposed to be the cheapest price. I always use skyscanner or Google Flights to look for cheap plane tickets. You can also decide to travel by bus. It might take longer to get where you want to be, but it also saves you some money. In Europe you have Flixbus. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m taking a Flixbus to Berlin and this September, only 50 euros retour.

tips traveling on a budget

- Collect points/money with reward programs
There are multiple ways to collect points/money that you can spend on your upcoming travels. I’ve booked a lot of hostels/hotels through If you book 10 nights there, you get your next one for free. This is just one example, but there are many more reward programs. Like Miles-And-More, Airmiles, Flyingblue etc. Just look for one you think you’ll use a lot and you might be able to travel somewhere with a big discount of even for free.

- Tourist/student cards
If you're planning on visiting multiple sights in a city, buy a tourist card. Buying a tourist card is cheaper than paying for all the places you want to visit separately. Are you a student? Bring your student card. You'll get a discount a many entry fees, like for museums. 

- Work while you're traveling
Is working is not something you want to do during your travel, than this part of the most isn't really helpful for you. But if you don't mind to work a little while you're exploring a new part of the world, than this part is. There are multiple websites where you can look for jobs overseas, like Workaway. It's not always money you get, mainly you get free accommodation and food, so a great way to extend your stay and save money. Also, at many hostels, you can work as well and stay there for free. Just look on the website of a hostel if they any info about it, or email them!

With these 6 tips, I'm sure you can go on a nice budget trip. Especially free activities can save you some money, as well as looking for cheap accommodations. Do you have tips for when you're traveling on a budget? And anyone who has experience with working during while traveling?

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  1. Fijn artikeltje! De Flixbus is echt geweldig. Oké, het duurt vaak best lang, maar het is redelijk comfortabel en zoveel goedkoper dan vliegen. Ik ben er nu mee naar Berlijn, Regensburg en Praag geweest. Ben benieuwd hoe jij het vindt! Alvast veel plezier in Berlijn :)


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