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Exploring a city like Amsterdam can be exhausting. Walking a lot, seeing stuff you might have never seen before, talking, just taking everything in. At some point, you feel like eating something right? But where to have lunch in Amsterdam? Luckily Amsterdam is a big city. And in big cities, there are a lot of places to go to get yourself some lunch, sweets, etc. But maybe because of the amount of cafes/lunchrooms, you're not sure where to go for good food. Well, this list will help you.

places to have lunch amsterdam metropolitain

- Metropolitain
Metropolitain is located at Rokin 81, so if you're done visiting Dame Square, Madame Tussaud's, the Kalverstraat or whatever your were checking out in the city center, make sure to go here for a delicious lunch. They have a large menu including crepes, waffles, sandwiches and more.

- Mook Pancakes
If you're a sucker for pancakes, Mook Pancakes is the place you want to go to. Just check out their Instagram page. If you're still not convinced that this the place where you should eat your pancakes, I don't know what place is. Mook Pancakes is located at De Clercqstraat 34.

places to have lunch amsterdam vines
- Vinnies
Vinnies is such a cozy place to go to. It has two locations in Amsterdam. One at the Haarlemmerstraat and the other one at the Nieuwezijds kolk. They serve breakfast, lunch, pastries, coffee and much more. If you're looking for a not too big place with a good atmosphere, I recommend that you go to Vinnies.

- The Breakfast Club
Who doesn't want to eat breakfast all day? The Breakfast Club is the perfect place to do so. They have 3 locations. Bellamystraat 2, Haarlemmerplein 31 & Wibautstraat 56. So it doesn't matter if you're in the center, Amsterdam east or west, you'll find The Breakfast Club either way.

places to have lunch amsterdam pluk

- Pluk
With it's great location at the Reestraat, Pluk is the perfect shop + lunchroom in one. Not only do they sell the cutest stuff, they have a lot of tasty food as well. Acai bowls, sandwiches, pies and so much more. Downstairs you can order your drinks + food, and upstairs you can sit down to eat and drink it all.

- Betty Blue
At Betty Blue, they serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, small meals, everything. The interior of the place is very cool too. A place you should check out. They're known for their delicious cheese cake and red velvet pie, so if you're in for some sweetness, try one of those. Or both. You can find Betty Blue in the street called Snoekjessteeg.

Finding a place to go for lunch in Amsterdam is a bit easier now, isn't it? If you want to eat something more traditional dutch, try poffertjes at De Vier Pilaren. Enjoy Amsterdam and enjoy your lunch!

Is there a lunch place in Amsterdam that you would recommend? 


  1. Ik ben alleen bij Metropolitain geweest maar de rest (nog) niet - het ziet er wel allemaal super lekker uit!

  2. Aah leuke plekken! Ik ben tot nu toe alleen bij pluk geweest, maar zou de rest ook graag zien :)


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