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Bali boasts an endless amount of activities, whether it’s exploring their unique culture, spending time with locals or simply settling into a relaxing lifestyle on the beach. There’s so much more on this list I haven’t mentioned, from bartering at the markets to enjoying cheap massages or even taking surfing lessons on the beach (I recommend all three). But for now, here’s a list of the top nine things to do in Bali.

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- Feed a monkey
Take a trip to Ubud and visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Pay a small fee for a bunch of bananas and ask a guide to show you how to entice the monkeys onto your shoulder. Warning: they are very mischievous and prone to stealing!

- Release a lantern
You can’t go anywhere in Bali without being swamped by peddlars. Many of them sell paper lanterns for around 100 000 rupiah ($10 AUD). Take it down to the beach on your last night and release it as a thank you and farewell to the beautiful country, watching it float over the ocean until it disappears as a tiny orange speck.

- Ride on a scooter
Bali must be the easiest place to make friends with locals. Whether they’re your waiter or your tour guide, nearly everyone owns a scooter and nearly everyone would be more than happy to take you for a spin. All you need to do is ask, and you’ll be whizzed down broken roads with the wind rushing through your hair, gripping tightly to your new friend.

- Explore hidden beaches
Hire a car and drive around South Kuta for a day, stopping off at Jimbaran, Padang-Padang and Uluwatu. Each beach is wildly unique, some harbouring wild monkeys and others showcasing villages tumbling down cliffs. The one thing they have in common is friendly locals and clear ocean water.

- Ride a bike down Mt Batur
Have a driver whisk you away to the top of Mount Batur and book a bike tour. On the way up, stop for noodles and rice overlooking the volcano- the scenery is amazing. The tour itself will take you through villages, rice terraces, cock-fighting rings and schools, so you’re boun to leave with a racing heart and a further insight into Balinese culture.

- Explore the Tegalalang Rice Terraces
Be awestruck by the gorgeous tumbling hills, run through the fields and speak with the Balinese tending to the terraces. Tip: Terramakasi means thank you!

- Watch the sunset on the beach
Bali has the best sunset in the world; this is a must. Settle down in a beanbag at a bar on the beach, watching a band play with the sun settling over the horizon in the background. Pure magic.

- Resort Hop
Swim in as many lavish pools as you can: walk from hotel to hotel and take a dip in the uniquely designed pools. The Grand Nikko Hotel is a must-see: the pool is so wide it’s impossible to fit in the one photograph, even from the top floor of the hotel.

- Visit Potato Head
Potato Head is a very fancy restaurant near Legion, with an infinity pool, delicious cocktails and a bar in the pool you can swim right up to. The entire outside wall and roof is made from faded washboards, creating a beautiful wall to take photos against. They even give you leis made from yellow and orange flowers: what more could you want?

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Bali, have you been there? Or would you like to someday? These things to do in Bali should be on your list!

Article written by Kayla Wratten. Blog: Instagram: @kaylawrat
Picture from Gownsandroses

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  1. I've been there abd totally skipped the scooter experience. But it sounds so fun. I need to go back.


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