7 REASONS TO DO A: Working Holiday

Have you ever dreamed of taking a break abroad and setting up your own life in another country? If you have, there are a lot of exciting possibilities. There's such a thing called a Working Holiday Visa which allows you to work and live like a local in an overseas country. Think this might be something for you? Continue reading below to find out why it probably is!

- Fund your gap year
No money to travel? Fear not, you're not alone. A perfect way to avoid spending your entire gap year saving up for a one-month trip is by doing some of the work on the road. Next to that the wages are usually better, especially on a young age. For example the minimum wage in Australia is $17,70, even when you're 18 years old!

- Epic locations
If you're European, there are 3 countries that currently allow you to apply for a working holiday visa. And guess what, all 3 of them are AWESOME! You could become a surf instructor in Australia, teach snowboarding in Canada or try living like a local on a farm in New Zealand!

- Most valuable experience
Travelling around is great, no doubt about that, but the most valuable experiences are often made during those times we spend longer on the same particular spot and make a real living. You will get to know more about the local way of life and also make longer lasting (in other words, better) friendships.

- Pursue creativity
While doing a working holiday you'll have less to worry about. Next to you daily life, there is a lot of space and freedom to explore the gems hidden inside you. Ever wanted to play an instrument or to try out photography in peace? Now is the time!

- Get your dream job
One amazing thing is that most jobs you are allowed to do on a working holiday are also a lot of fun. You basically have the same rights as a local while your visa is valid. Become a bartender, dive instructor, work with horses surrounded by mountains, work on a fishing boat or do them all on the same trip! The jobs that normally don't pay off back home are a very good way to fund your adventure on the other side of the world.

- Cv people will value
If you ever apply for a job and you have working experience abroad, you can basically expect to be employed. Just that one sentence automatically means you have life experience in a lot of things. For example you are sociable, able to speak multiple languages and you know how to set something up for yourself while nobody tells you how to do anything.

- Lifetime experience
Leave all friends and family behind and start your own adventure. You're all alone now and what you do depends entirely up to you. You'll have to get a job and your own place to live. The choices you are left with are big choices, and once they're made you'll leave your personal signature on the world!

Have you ever done a working holiday or would you maybe like to?

Article written by Paul Bejczy, you can find him on his Instagram, Blog and Facebook

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  1. Last year I felt a little too annoyed with my sister and wanted me time, so I packed my bags and planned a last minute trip to Trapani. And when I saw this preview on InstagramStories I had to read this! :) I would love a working holiday, especially because I'm constantly stressed for not finding a study that I like..


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