WHERE I'VE WANDERED: A Weekend In Berlin

It's time for a new Where I've Wandered post, since I went somewhere a little while ago. Together with my friend Sabine, I visited Berlin. Our main reason to go there was to go to the Lollapalooza festival (which was super amazing). But luckily we also had two days to explore the city as well.

Day 1 in the city:
We arrived quite early, dropped our stuff at the hostel and went to the East Side Gallery. Our hostel was close to it, maybe a 10 minute walk. It was quite impressive to see. Of course the art was cool but it's such an historic wall. It's not just a wall but a wall that divided a city into two parts for a long period. Afterwards we walked towards Museum Island, visited the DDR museum, saw the Brandenburger Tor and did some other things as well. In the evening we went to a popular burger bar called Burgermeister. There was a long line but it was worth it. The burger was so, so good.

The other two days we went to the festival. So much music, such a chill vibe and a lot of food.

Day 2 in the city:
Sabine and I were quite tired after two days of partying so we started the morning with a boat tour. It's such a fun way to see more of a city, in a different way than just walking. It lasted for maybe 1,5 hour and was quite cheap as well. And our feet definitely needed some rest. When the boat tour ended, we decided to go to an area with street art. I'm not sure if we were in the right place, but we definitely saw some cool paintings. We ended our day along the river, at a place called Strandbar Mitte. It was the perfect end of a lovely weekend. A beautiful sunset and a delicious pizza.

I really want to go back to Berlin someday, since I'm not convinced I've seen to cool parts of it yet. But Berlin has such a cool vibe and I love the artsy places. Of course, two days isn't enough to see everything in a such a big city but I do think we saw most of the highlights.

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Have you been to Berlin yourself? Or would you like to?

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