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A little while ago, Sabine and I went on a cruise to New Castle with DFDS. I found a really good deal, so we thought, why not? I'd only been to the UK once and sleeping on a bout sounded quite cool as well. The boat left around 5/6 pm. There was a lot to do on the boat. There was a casino, you could watch movies, there was a live band and even more. In the morning we arrived in Newcastle.

We arrived in Newcastle around 9/10 if I remember correctly. After we left the boat, a bus took us to the city which didn't take that long. We were dropped right in the center, close to the central station. Now it was time to explore the city for a little while. Shopping wasn't really what we wanted to do, so we already looked up what else we wanted to do.

Since we were there during the holiday season, there was a Christmas market. Of course we went there and checked out all the different things they sold. And I can tell you, there was a lot of fudge. I ended up eating a hotdog and Sabine had a crepe. Before we decided to walk towards the river, we visited the main shopping street, but we didn't do any shopping.

The buildings in Newcastle are all so beautiful. Especially closer to the river. We visited a very cute place called the Great British Cupcakery, but I will tell you a bit more about that place in my post about things to do in Newcastle. After eating/dinking a huuuuge milkshake there, we walked along the river and visited the Baltic museum. If you go the 5/6 floor, you have such an amazing view.

We were there for a little while, but around 4 it was time to walk towards to bus stop again and go back to the boat. The sun was already setting so the sky looked beautiful, especially with the big bridges. Watching the sun set is one of my favorite things ever, and this was definitely a very pretty one to see.

The bus took us to the boat and it was time to go towards the Netherlands again. On our way to Newcastle we didn't watch a movie on the boat, but on the way we back we did. The perfect way to kill some time and relax as well. Around 9/10 we were back in the Netherlands. What I loved most about being on the boat was watching the sunset and the sunrise. All you see is water and a sky filled with the most amazing colors.

Although we had a short time in the city, it was a perfect trip. I loved being on the boat and Newcastle was a very cute city. Honestly, I think the time we had was enough. Most people go on this trip to do some shopping, but it's definitely a cool trip too if you, like us, don't want to go shopping. Newcastle is small, but the atmosphere is great, the buildings are so pretty and walking along the river is lovely as well. I will write a post soon about things to do in Newcastle.

Have you ever been to Newcastle or on a cruise?

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  1. Ahh die video is zo leuk geworden! De zonsopgang op de boot, prachtig! En mmm... die milkshakes, ziet er zo goed uit!


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