7 European Cities To Add To Your Bucket List

This world is so big. There are lots of beautiful cities, countries, mountains, rivers and so on. Enough to explore. But maybe not enough time to see it all. I've been to several European countries already but there still are many countries and cities that I would love to visit. Including these European cities.  These are 7 European cities to add to your bucket list.

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- Moscow
Although Russia is part of Europe, it seems as if the culture is very different. So visiting this city is also a good way to learn more about the Russian culture (which I don't know that much about). Another reason why I'd love to go is the architecture. 

european cities to add to bucket list
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- Budapest
Eastern Europe is know to be affordable. Especially if you'd compare it to cities like Paris or London. But that's not the only reason why I would love to visit Budapest. Other reasons are the architecture, the food and of course the thermal baths.

- Lisbon
Lisbon has been on my list for a while now so I hope to go on a city trip to this city sometime this year. Delicious food, the sun, long beaches and taking the tram of course. Seems like a perfect summer destination. 

- Edinburgh
Whenever I see pictures of Edinburgh, it seems like a fairytale. Medieval castles, towers and wonderful building. I'd love to visit this city during Christmas and see all the wonderful lights and visit the Christmas markets. 

european cities to add to bucket list
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- Athens
In high school we learned a lot about ancient greek culture. So seeing the temples, bridges and monuments we learned about in real life would be wonderful. Besides that, Greek dishes are delicious and I've also experience that the Greece are very welcoming and kind.

- Prague
Since Eastern Europe is an area I don't know that much about and have never visited before, I would love to start with visiting some big cities like Prague. Again it's cheap but also has the most amazing castles and building. 

- Antwerp
Of all the cities in this list, Antwerp is the closest to my home. Why I haven't visited before, I don't know. When you think about Antwerp, you about Belgian waffles, vintage shopping and chocolate. Sounds perfect to me and it's only 2 hours away.

Have you been to any of these 7 cities? Which European cities are on your bucket list?


  1. Zulke leuke steden allemaal, Athene en Antwerpen zijn zo mooi :)

  2. Zoveel leuke steden! Praag staat ook hoog op mijn verlanglijstje! Antwerpen moet je zeker eens bezoeken, echt de moeite waard (al zeg ik dit zelf als Antwerpenaar ;) )

  3. Ik heb echt een zwak voor steden/landen met (in mijn ogen) interessante geschiedenis, ik hou van Athene <3 Het is er best een troep maar toch een leuk sfeertje?

  4. Er zijn nog te veel die ik wil bezoeken. Mooi lijstje!

  5. Ik ben met school ooit in Edinburgh geweest en hoewel ik die stad helemaal niet kende, is het toch wel een van de mooiste plekken waar ik ooit ben geweest :) Praag en Antwerpen zijn ook heeel leuk en de rest moet ik nog bezoeken!

  6. This is a great list. I only saw Budapest from your list so far, very beautiful city indeed. Bucharest is nice to visit too, and the prices are lower than in West of Europe for just about everything.

  7. Budapest is one of my favorite European cities! Great choice!

  8. Athens and Budapest are amazing cities! :D

  9. Very nice list. My friend has plans to visit European cities. would recommend your post to her.

  10. Great list! I would love to visit them all. Edinburgh I have been and it sure is a magical place!

  11. I've not been to one European city. Now I have a big list to choose from. Thanks for the post!


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