5 Must Visit Capitals In Europe

must visit capitals in europe

Europe, a continent with many countries, different cultures and beautiful capitals. The cities have a long history, amazing architecture, and a lot of nice food (which is important as well, right?). These 5 have some things in common, but on the other hand, differ from each other in much ways as well. I have been to these 5 myself and loved them all. This summer I'm going to visit many more so maybe I can update this post then! But for now these are my 5 must visit capitals in Europe.

must visit capitals in europe
- Paris
Paris, the city of love. The city of 'beautiful architecture everywhere you go' as well. Whenever I vist Paris, I'm impressed by the big buildings and their lovely balconies. There is so much to do in the city. You can go visit the Eiffel Tower, the Sacré-Coeur, Le Louvre and some of the other highlights of the city. What I love doing in Paris is visiting the highlights, but it's fun to explore the city as well. Just wander around and you'll find yourself in the loveliest neighborhoods with great lunchrooms, cute stores and it'll be less crowded than in the main streets, which is nice too. Definitely a must visit European capital.

- Rome
There are many good reasons to visit Rome. The ancient Roman architecture, the weather, the food, museums etc. And if you like shopping, Rome is perfect for that as well. They city is very walkable which is a plus. It saves some money and you get to see more of the city. If you're tired of all the walking, it won't be hard to find a gelateria or lunch room since there are plenty. One of my personal favorites in Rome is the Trevi Fountain, definitely a must see!

- Copenhagen
Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. It's a very modern city with a lot of old buildings as well. They have some very nice palaces which are worth a visit. In a few days you can see much of the city, of course not everything, but a lot. Since Copenhagen is located near the water, you will see that there are a lot of canals. If you're (a bit) tired of all the walking, go on a canal tour! That way you will see even more of the city and from a different perspective. It's also a good shopping city, they have great food/pastries (smørrebrød!) and there's just much to do. I wrote a whole post about places to visit in Copenhagen. One downside, it's quite an expensive city.

- London
There are many good reasons why you should visit London. There is a great atmosphere, wonderful parks to go to if you want to escape from the city life, it's a great city for shopping lovers and there are many theaters where you could go if you'd want to see a musical. Of course there are many other reasons. London is a city with something for everyone. Whether you like art, fashion, architecture, music, it's all there.

must visit capitals in europe
- Amsterdam
Amsterdam is known for a few things (coffeeshops, red light district) but the city has much more to offer. Let's start with the architecture. Everywhere you go you'll find narrow, high and crooked houses. If you decide to go on a canal tour, you'll get a beautiful view on that. There are great museums, open minded people, so many bicycles, fun markets and during the summer there are many festivals as well. It's a very romantic city and a perfect to visit with friends for a few days.

There are so many beautiful capitals in Europe. These definitely being my favorites, so far. There are still many european capitals on my to-visit listHave you been to any of these cities? What would you say are must visit capitals in Europe?

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  1. I still miss Rome on my list. And yes the other cities are amazing. I couldn't pick a favourite.


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