My Interrail Route for Eastern Europe, 2017

Today is the day. I'm going on my solo summer trip. Last year, during my gap year, I went to the USA for 2 months. This time I'm staying a bit closer to home and decided to explore Europe a bit more. I've seen quite a lot of Western Europe already, so Eastern Europe it is! All by train. Starting in Arnhem, and ending in Florence. I thought it would be fun to share my Interrail route with you, so this might inspire you for your interrail trip. And hopefully you have some tips for me too, about the cities that I'm going to visit.

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My Interrail Route:
Amsterdam - Berlin
Berlin - Wroclaw
Wroclaw - Krakow
Krakow - Bratislava
Bratislava - Budapest
Budapest - Zagreb (Plitvice lakes)
Zagreb - Ljubljana
Ljubljana - Bologna
Bologna - Florence

So my question to you guys. Any tips for me? Where to eat, what to see, what to do? This is my first time traveling with a big backpack, hopefully it'll all go well!

Also let me know what kind of articles you want me to write about my trip! Of course I'll do the lists like I usually do about my trips, but maybe you have some other requests. I still have some content from previous trips, but haven't had to time to complete it. But I will once I get back.

Happy travels and follow me around on Instagram!


  1. I'm currently in Budapest and would like to visit Plitvice as well. How did you travel from Zagreb to The Plitvice waterfalls?

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