8 Reasons To Visit Porto, Portugal

reasons to visit porto portugal

Just to clear things up, Porto is not a nickname for Portugal. It’s actually the name of the second largest city of the country, which is worth a visit just as much as Lisbon. Want to know why? Check out these 8 reasons to visit Porto during your next holiday.

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- It’s unexpectedly beautiful
There’s a chance you’ve never heard of Porto before. But don’t worry, many people haven’t. While Lisbon is a very popular destination to travel to in Portugal, Porto isn’t (yet). Which is actually pretty weird, considering how astonishingly beautiful the city is. Porto has some great architecture, old and new, and there’s a nice balance between urban and nature. If you want to see the beauty of the city while it’s still an unknown destination for most of the mainstream travelers, go there now!

- It’s very affordable
Want to travel very badly but don’t have a lot of money to spend? Then Porto is the place to go! A stay there is not expensive at all, you can rent the most beautiful hotel rooms and apartments for just around 400 euros a week in high season (or even cheaper). Also, restaurants, shops, public transport and other things are way cheaper than in other big cities in Europe! Another good reason to visit Porto.

- It’s a great place for Harry Potter fans
Are you a big Harry Potter fan? Then there’s a chance you’ve already visited some famous Harry Potter locations in Britain. But did you know that J.K. Rowling actually got the inspiration for the series in Portugal? She wrote part of the series in the famous Majestic Café and people are saying that the stairs in Hogwarts are based on the Lello Bookstore stairs. When you visit the bookstore, you’ll feel like you’re actually inside Hogwarts!

- You’ll like getting lost in the historic center with its small alleys
You can easily get lost in a city like Porto, in a good way though. The city has a really beautiful historic center with so many small alleys that it’s almost going to feel like you’re walking in a labyrinth. Make sure to visit Ribeira, the old town of Porto, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. You’ll see those typical Portuguese houses with laundry on the balcony everywhere you look!

- São Bento will be the most impressive train station you’ll ever see
The São Bento train station is one of the most beautiful train stations in the world. It’s known for its blue-and-white tile panels in the vestibule that show scenes of the history of Portugal. Many just visit the station without having to catch a train because of its beauty, and you should too.

- You can finally ride one of those cute, yellow trams
Ever seen photos of those old, yellow trams? And ever wanted to ride one? You can find them in Lisbon as well, but the ones in Porto are probably much less crowded. Let them take you along the major attractions, or let them take you to the beach instead!

- You’ll have the best of both worlds
In Porto you can find several beaches and lots of greenery, while it’s urban at the same time. With that being said, you can have a holiday soaking in the sun, relaxing in parks and exploring a beautiful city! Now who said you can’t have the best of both worlds?

- Last but not least: THE FOOD
There are so many amazing places to eat at in Porto, especially when you love fish. Try not to look up any restaurant on the Internet first, but just let the streets lead you some place nice. Also, be sure to try some Port or great wine from the area during diner or after diner! (Psst, and don’t forget to try Nata!)


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Hopefully this post with 8 reasons to visit Porto convinced you. The city has so much to offer. Are you ready to book your trip yet?

Have you ever been to Porto? Why do you think more travelers should pack their stuff and go to Porto?

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