6 Things To Do In Berlin

things to do in berlin
Berlin is probably one of the most impressive cities in all of Europe. There’s a lot to see and discover and while there’s probably never enough time to explore the whole city (unless you’re staying there for a longer period of time of course), the six activities listed below will definitely show you all the sides of Berlin you need to see! So going to Berlin? Here are some things to do in Berlin!

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things to do in berlin

- Rent a bike & explore the city 
When the weather allows it, renting a bike is a great way to explore the city of Berlin. Many famous Berlin sights are accessible by bike, like the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial and Museum Island. Near the Brandenburg Gate there’s a big park called Tiergarten, where you can find lots of people (yes, even Berliners!) on bikes! You can rent bikes at various locations in Berlin and sometimes they’re even offered at the place where you’re staying. 

 - Enjoy a Sunday in the Mauerpark
Every Sunday there’s this huge flea market in the Mauerpark. Many Berliners spent their Sunday afternoon here. Besides that you can find a few second hand gems (if you’re lucky!) you can also satisfy your appetite at one of the many food trucks. In the late afternoon several bands and other artists are performing here as well and on top of the mountain you can enjoy the view while swinging on one of the many swings!

things to do in berlin

- Visit the Charlottenburg Palace
Although you can also get inside the Charlottenburg Palace, the outside of the palace including the garden behind it is definitely breathtaking enough. Especially the garden is one of the most beautiful in all of Berlin. Enjoy a sunny afternoon discovering it and make sure to take a good book and some food with you! A must, when you're looking for a peaceful things to do in Berlin

- Have a cocktail in one of the many rooftop bars
It is well known that Berlin has an exuberant nightlife because there are lots of clubs, but if you don’t like that there are also many great rooftop bars with the most amazing cocktails (also non-alcoholic for those who are under 18) and views over the city. The Monkey Bar is probably the best-known rooftop bar in Berlin, where you have a view over the zoo. If you’re planning on going there, go on a weekday, because the weekends can be very crowded!

things to do in berlin

- Discover the street art
While there are lots of art galleries in Berlin, there’s also a lot of (free!) art to discover in the streets. Especially in Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain many street art can be discovered. You can also choose to do a street art tour where a guide will show you some of the most iconic pieces of Berlin!

- Go on a cultural trip to Museum Island
The Museum Island is an island in the Spree River, which houses five world-renowned museums. The iconic Berlin Cathedral is also located on the island, so there’s a lot of beautiful architecture to admire. No wonder that the whole museum complex is listed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites!


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Have you ever been to Berlin? What are your favorite things to do in Berlin? 

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