8 Tips For Solo Female Travellers

tips for solo female travellers

While doing research on solo travel for women, I found out that they find it hard to actually plan the solo trip. “Why?” you’d probably think. I mean, planning a trip is perhaps the most amazing thing to do to get in this whole ‘travel’ mood, right? But when traveling solo, there’s a lot more to think about than when you’re just going on a small city trip with your friends. Here are some tips for solo female travellers!

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- Never ever traveled solo before? Go on a small solo trip first
When you’re not familiar with solo traveling and you’ve never even tried it, maybe a small solo trip is a good thing to do first. This way you can get the hang of it, see if you like it and find out if you can actually survive by yourself while traveling solo! 

- Know how much you’re able to spend before you go
Before going on a solo travel, know how much money you actually need to save. Mostly this depends on where you’re going, since the States are way more expensive then a destination like Thailand. Be sure to save some extra, because you’re surely going to spend some more money then you initially thought. Read this article with tips for when you're traveling on a budget!

tips for female solo travelers

- Choose a destination that’s safe for solo female travellers
Some destinations are safer than others for female solo travelers. Be sure to choose a destination that’s safe and that you feel comfortable with. Examples of save destinations are Costa Rica, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand. If you want to go somewhere that’s not totally safe for female solo travelers, think about booking a group tour. This way you’ll still be traveling solo, since you won’t know anybody in that group, and you’ll feel way safer! 

- Plan, plan, plan! 
Many people say planning a solo travel beforehand, like your accommodation, is not fun at all. Some solo travelers only book a flight and just see where they end up once they arrive at their destination. But trust me – nothing’s less fun then arriving at your destination and not knowing where to go at all. So be sure to at least plan a part of your trip, like your accommodation for the first few days and activities you maybe want to do.

- Make contact with other travelers
Not only planning the trip, but loneliness is another reason why some women decide not to travel solo. Just keep in mind that there are many solo travelers out there who’d like to meet other travelers, so loneliness shouldn’t be a reason to not travel solo! And if you stay in a hostel, where most solo travelers are staying, making contact is way easier than you might think. 

tips for female solo travelers

- Social media are your best friends
Okay, maybe not the very best friends, but at least you’ll feel way safer with them around you. With social media you can keep your friends and family at home updated about where you are and where you’ll be going at all times, so that when something goes wrong (let’s hope not), they are able to track you down. Plus, when you do feel lonely, talking to family or friends might help. 

- Trust your guts
Mostly, when you just trust your guts while traveling solo, nothing bad will happen to you. You probably already know not to tell anyone where you’re staying, that you’d better not walk the streets at night and that you have to watch your belongings. Here’s a little tip from me to you: copy your passport (and other important documents), and keep one in your purse and one in your suitcase in case you lose your real passport.  

- Last but not least: enjoy your trip to the fullest!
I guess this one speaks for itself. Enjoy, because traveling solo is supposed to be fun and very exciting! 


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Have you ever traveled solo? Do you have any tips for solo female travellers?

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  1. I'd say asking other solo travelers for their experience is also a great tip! I'm still so glad I asked you for advice for my first trip, it didn't make me nervous at all :)

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  3. I really needed this, my last blog post was about being too afraid to travel alone! I'm always really into planning and research then I never actually have the guts to book it!
    Kate xx

  4. Great post! Love your tips!

  5. I traveled solo before and I did join the tour at some countries because I am not sure if its save for me and it's fun to meet other traveler in the tour group. Great post.

  6. These are some amazing tips for travelling. I am willing to travel alone. It will come handy.

  7. I love this post
    I am a female solo traveler,so this is going to help a lot

  8. I plan to travel solo soon so these are great tips. Safety comes first for me :) Awesome post!

  9. Thanks for the tips, i am so into trips, but never actually tried to travel solo xoxo

  10. Love these tips! Still thinking about traveling solo one day, but it still scares me too much to just simply do it... I'm too much a control freak I think!

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